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The transportation of large quantities of raw materials, works in progress, & finished goods all over the world are done by trucks. Trucks are vital in the development & growth of all industries. Trucks provide an ample amount of services to the construction industry like dumping & portable concrete mixing–to name a few. Additionally, trucks are a vital tool in the freight, manufacturing, transportation, & warehousing industries.


In an ever-growing economy that requires a high demand for trucks, the shortcomings are unfortunately still a matter of grave concern. Business consumers suffer from poor logistics & quality of service. Similarly, employees of the trucking industry are constantly overworked & underpaid, & truck owners struggle to secure profitable contracts which provide the sustenance of their business. Regretfully, competing with the giants is often implausible in this industry; thus, any inconsistency can be severely detrimental to the growth & longevity of the business.


Truck and Warehouse

Transport Topics

Trucking Industry Expected to See Slower Growth in 2019

After a 2018 that saw record-setting levels of freight-hauling demand and driver pay as tonnage levels reached a 20-year high, the trucking industry is expected to remain strong in 2019 but undergo a bit of a cool-down, economists say. Perry “[Last year,] of course, was as good a year as the truck market has ever had — it was a record year in a number of ways,” Transport Futures Principal and Economist Noel Perry said during an interview on Transport Topics Radio, which is heard on SiriusXM Radio. “The spot market started the year at extraordinarily tight levels, and the contract market has been tight all year. So, it was a great year.” He noted, however, that things trailed off as the year closed. “The fourth quarter was down enough in several categories to indicate we’re not going to sustain that peak performance in 2019.”

Truck and Warehouse


Why Trucking is Still America’s Number One Job

Much has been written in recent years about the challenges faced by truck drivers in the United States today. Driving an over-the-road truck can be lonely and isolating. Wages for many truckers have stagnated. There’s a growing number of government rules regulating what drivers can and can’t do on the job. Truck driving is tough work. It also remains a very important job. An overwhelming amount of statistics show that trucking may be the leading indicator of the country’s economic health. If trucks are moving more freight, that means Americans are more productive and earning more money. Below are seven reasons—backed by recent stats—explaining why trucking is America’s number one job today.



8 Jaw Dropping Facts About Truck Drivers And The Trucking Industry

As a truck driver hauling everything from toilet paper to car parts you understand how important your job is. But do you really? Have you ever stopped to consider just how impressive America’s trucking industry is? We know the country could not continue operating without truck drivers hauling loads all across the nation. However, to drive this point home we’ve compiled eight of the most convincing statistics about the importance of the trucking industry.

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