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Funding is the process of providing financial resources to a person, business or enterprise. Such resources are usually in the form of cash, liquid securities & credit lines. 


The circulation of currency has created, built & expanded concepts into flourishing economies equally as the lack thereof has caused other ideas to stall in their tracks & become nonexistent. There is no shortage of funding with the myriad of aspiring innovators & expanding infrastructures. However, funding is not exclusive to enterprises. 


All facets of borrowers are daily looking for financing options: personal, auto, mortgage, etc. Unfortunately, financing is becoming harder to obtain & those waiting for approval are running out of options since the prerequisites are truly absurd by any standard. In today's economy, banks & other traditional resources have strict requirements; hence, alternative funding or financing has emerged as a nontraditional solution. As a result, unconventional institutions are being more accommodating in the qualifying process to prospect borrowers. Creativity is paramount to the continuance of the following:


> Business Funding 

> Personal Financing 

Real Estate

Auto Financing 

Capital Raises 


Alternative Funding

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