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“Show me your friends & I’ll tell you who you are” is a familiar adage that translates into, “we are the company we keep.”


At VB ICON, we pride ourselves on being diligent in choosing the team working to manifest our vision. We aim to select people who are passionate about being in service to others, whether at the helm or as a part of our supporting cast. 


The people make the business & the business invests in its people, creating a cohesive business ecosystem.




 The environment where service provided matters.     



Come meet us on our territory. We are available at our hub along with multiple satellite offices.  



All of our people are trained to go off-site & meet with clients in an environment of their choosing—home, their office or neighborhood coffee shop.



You have not networked until you have been a part of a VB ICON Mixer & Activation. 

Activation is a great way to create a consumer experience around a specific brand or to simply bring attention to your company & organization. Inquire below to create an activation for your brand or to collaborate with a VB ICON Mixer / Activation. 

Our Team

It's no secret: Our people are our strongest asset.

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